Abdul Rahman

Hello there! I’m Abdul Rahman, a final year Computer Engineering student from National University of Singapore. I have comprehensive knowledge in both computer architecture as well as software development. I specialized in Machine Learning research and development in my undergraduate programme. I am currently doing summer internship at Visa as a software engineer focusing on data visualization and full stack development.

National University of Singapore
Aug 2015 — Present

B.Eng. (Computer Engineering), GPA - 4.32/5 (Honours – Distinction)

Awarded full merit-based bond free scholarship by Temasek Foundation Nurtures

Student Exchange Programme (SEP), ETH University, Switzerland
Feb 2017 — Aug 2017

Development of Machine Learning applications through specialized coursework

Competed in Kaggle competitions and ranked as one of the top in the class

Temasek Polytechnic, Singapore
Apr 2010 — May 2013

Diploma in Information Technology with Merit

Diploma Plus – Minor in Psychology Fundamentals

GPA – 3.92/4 (9 Distinctions and 14 A’s)

Director’s List in Academic Years 2010-2012 for being in the top 5% of the cohort

Data Science
Application of Reinforcement Learning in Weather Routing - Dissertation
Aug 2017 — Present

Optimize velocity of a vessel to reduce fuel consumption rate while meeting port schedules under harsh weather conditions using calculus of variation, regularized recursive least square estimation and Q-learning.

Dance Tracker

Built an wearable device that tracks and predicts dance moves using machine learning and IoT sensors. CNN and LSTM algorithms were used to train the time-series data in Keras TensorFlow framework with 98% accuracy.

Italian Hand Gesture Recognition

Built CNN and RNN Image classification algorithms using python scikit-learn and TensorFlow environments to recognize Italian hand signs with 80% accuracy.

Mobile App Development
Dhikr & Dua

Dhikr & Dua is an Islamic supplication app built for the Android platform. It is built in Java with Firebase as backend and has advanced features like media playback and push notification service. It has garnered more than 300,000 download since it's inception from around the world.


Designed and Developed iBudget, an iOS based financial application as a team for my diploma major project. Users can set goals, plan their budget and record their purchases. The app was well recieved by the supervisors and led our team to attain an 'A' grade for the course.

Software Development

Leads a team, conceptualized and developed TaskBook, a cross-platform desktop application built in Java with JavaFX for the user interface design. It is targeted at advance users who like to quickly manage their tasks all with keyboard shortcuts without needing a mouse.

Embedded System Development
Caring for Aquatic Resources & Environments (CARE)

CARE is an embedded system that aims to monitor for pollutants, tresspassers and overgrowth of Algae in reservoirs. It has accelerometer, light sensor, Temperature sensor and ARM7 based LPC1769 micro-controller and is programmed in C language.

Programming Skills

(In order of decreasing familiarity)

Java, Python, Keras, Tensorflow, scikit-learn, Android development, C, Assembly language, Verilog, SQL, C#, Caffe, Objective-C

Software Skills

Eclipse, Android Studio, Visual Studio, Github, LCPExpresso, Jupyter Notebook, Xcode, Vivado, MS-Office

Software Engineer Intern, VISA Worldwide Pte Ltd, Singapore
May, 2018 — Present

Conceptualized and Developed data visualization dashboard for Marketing department to visualize promotion data using elasticsearch, logstash and kibana to promote digital commerce and expand reach of VISA brand

Designed front-end responsive web design for FIFA 2018 promotions web application

Teaching Assistant - National University of Singapore, Singapore
Jan, 2018 — Apr, 2018

Mentor undergraduate computer engineering students in their capstone design project where they have to build a wearable device that tracks and predicts dance moves using machine learning and IoT sensors.

Technical Support Officer – Temasek Polytechnic, Singapore
Apr, 2013 — May, 2013

Taught freshmen students programming methodology and data structures resulting in students having a strong foundation in computer science and problem-solving skills

Revamped the student fitness web application in PHP improving the user interface and compatibility with all browsers

Project Manager Intern – Blue Glue (Youkilele) Ltd, Indonesia
Aug, 2012 — Dec, 2012

Lead a team in conceptualizing and developing an Employee Task Management web application in order to assign and manage tasks to employees effectively

Revamped Database system with new relational database for Manufacturing and Inventory departments to reduce in reliance of excel sheets to manage data

Nagore Dargah Indian Muslim Heritage Centre (NDIMHC), Singapore
Dec 2015 — Present

Volunteer as a curator to engage and share with the local visitors and tourists about the rich history, culture, traditions of Tamil language and contributions of our pioneers to the nation of Singapore

Emergency Ambulance Medic – Singapore Civil Defence Force
Jun, 2013 — Jun, 2015

Provided fast patient service, life support and ambulatory care to extremely ill and injured patients in a stressful and constantly changing environment

Delegate – Youth Model ASEAN Conference
Dec, 2012

Examined socio-political, environmental and economic issues prevailing in ASEAN region with the Singapore Minister of Culture, Community and Youth to ensure peace and prosperity in ASEAN region

President – IT Special Interest Group
Jul, 2011 — Jun, 2012

Represented Diploma in IT students in highlighting their academic and administrative matters with Course Manager and Year Coordinators to ensure the welfare of the students are being sustained

Organized events and academic workshops for students of Diploma in IT providing opportunities to learn beyond classroom setting

Proficient in Tamil and English, and basic knowledge of Japanese and Arabic

Actively Pursues Hiking and Cycling